Stackers & De-Stackers

  At Monk Conveyors we are pleased to announce that we have a new fully automatic Stacking and De-Stacking Machines.  The Stacking Machine is used for the stacking of trays or boxes at the end of a production line.  The De-Stacking Machine is used at the beginning of a production line where items are supplied to the line in stacks to save space.  They can also be used together to create a buffer store in a production line.

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Auto Stacking Machine at the end of a Spectacle Lens Manufacturing Line


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Stacking Machine Input


Trays enter the stacking machine on a conveyor, stopped, lifted to the next level and held while the next tray enters underneath. This sequence is repeated until the desired stack height is reached.







Easy to Unload

Stacks of trays are stopped at the machine output, making it a simple matter for an operative to unload stacks as required. 

Stacks can also be conveyed on to the next process or to storage.



Easy Access for Maintenance

The open design of our stacking machine offers clear access for maintenance and cleaning therefore reducing maintenance costs.



De-Stacker in Operation

A line of stacks of component trays being conveyed to our de-stacking machine. Single trays exit at the far end on a conveyor on their way to the production line.