• Our Conveyor Range Our Conveyor Range Flat Belt Conveyors, Roller Conveyors, FlexChain Conveyors and MatTop Conveyors
  • Chemical Packaging Chemical Packaging Containers being conveyed up and over a gangway and then to the filling machines
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging Pharmaceutical Packaging Conveyors used in product packing lines
  • Automotive Product Handling Automotive Product Handling Products being conveyed to an automated inspection area
  • Spectacle Lens Handling Spectacle Lens Handling We are one of the leading suppliers to the spectacle lens industry
  • Tea Packaging Tea Packaging Large bags of tea being conveyed to the start of the processing line
  • Laundry Handling Laundry Handling Both our flat belt and roller conveyors are widely used in the laundry industry
  • Medical Kit Handling Medical Kit Handling Delivery of packs from a clean room through an air-lock to the stores
  • Food Processing Food Processing Our FlexChain conveyors are perfect for the food industry
  • Food Product Conveying Food Product Conveying High grip Modu FlexChain conveying food trays to dispatch
  • Candle Making Candle Making Automatic system for handling and cooling candles at Lily Flame
  • Food Product Conveying Food Product Conveying Using stainless steel roller conveyors & powered roller bends
  • Spiral Conveyors Spiral Conveyors Designed for hygienic conveying of packed or unpacked products
  • Automotive Components Automotive Components Flat belt conveyor with ribs to separate and locate the components
  • Case Conveying Case Conveying Curved modular belt conveyor with separators for conveying cases
  • Lineshaft Powered Roller Conveyor Lineshaft Powered Roller Conveyor Roller conveyor with an aluminium frame – can be easily reconfigured

MONK Conveyors Limited is a privately owned British company established 25 years ago.  With our strong engineering background and many years of experience we can advise you on the right products.  We will work with you to provide the best solutions.  Our goal is to provide cost effective solutions which add value to your business, and to leave you as a satisfied customer.

Our philosophy is to always look and apply the simplest solutions.  If we can use as many standard products to provides a solution, then the system will be reliable, easy to maintain and cost effective.

We can supply small individual conveyors, through to complete factory installations.  Systems use PLC control with distribution software, sensors, pneumatics and electrics.  Our installation and service team are always ready for full support, locally or internationally.



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